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Mboned Status Pages

MBONE Deployment (Active WG)
Ops Area: Robert Wilton, Warren Kumari | 1996-Aug-26 —  

IETF-114 mboned agenda


          IETF 114 Philadelphia/hybrid
          MBONED Agenda
          Thurs, July 28, 2022
          13:30-15:30 EDT
          Thursday Afternoon session II, Independence C
          Status of WG items
          Chairs, 10 min
          AD Update
          Warren, 5 min
          Haoyu Song, 10 min
          draft-jholland-quic-multicast, W3C Update
          Max Franke/Jake Holland, 20 min
          Offnet Sourcing with the Multicast Menu
          Lauren Delwiche, 25 min
          Client Options for Receiving Multicast Video
          Erik Herz, 20 min
          TU Berlin Student Multicast projects
          Max Franke, 10 min

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